Gear Review:  Fishpond Nimbus Pack

Feb 02, 2012

Author: Tucker Ladd

Fishpond Numbus Guide Pack Review

When Fishpond sends Michael Gracie, Trout's IT Guru and master blogger, a free Fishpond Nimbus Guide Pack, what's an owner to do other than say "fish it, and be kind".  Well he did, and he was:

"Despite the size, the pack remains featherweight. Add extra beefy nylon zippers (salt friendly), a slot between the lumbar support and the pack for your net handle, and a thick, single carry strap up top which is perfect for grabbing and then slinging all your gear straight into the river during a fit of rage immediately after the fish-of-a-lifetime breaks your 5X tippet (a.k.a. fool’s line), and you have not just a sufficient pack, a really decent pack, or even a great pack…

You have one the most thoughtfully designed pieces of fishing equipment I have ever used. And that wouldn’t be saying much except for the fact that I have been through enough vests and packs in my day that I once considered started a business doing nothing but selling my own used vests and packs."

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