Report from the Denver South Platte

Nov 05, 2012

Author: Tucker Ladd

Denver Trout Unlimited posted a great report by Ronnie Crawford that covers the electro shocking project on the Denver South Platte by Colorado Parks and Wildlife last month.  The team surveyed a small stretch of the river that is scheduled for a major renovation and improvement effort next year.  Does the Denver South Platte have the potential to become a world class fishery?  Make the jump to find out what species are successfully reproducing in the South Platte. 

"With the heat of the summer and low flows, I didn’t know what to expect. Well, did I get my eyes opened. Many many smallmouth Bass of all sizes, some largemouth Bass, a darter, a Perch, and a big Channel catfish were logged into the official record." - Ronnie Crawford

Read the rest of the report here or check out this site for photos


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